FIWARE Jump Conference (Porto, 5th September 2014)

Yesterday, on 5th October 2014, we assisted to the FIWARE Jump Conference in Porto (Portugal). This conference was promoted by SOUL-FI, one of the 16 FIWARE accelerators, to introduce FI-WARE and specifically the SOUL-FI program.

FI-WARE is about Future Internet. It's an ambitious program of the European Commission and you can learn more about it at

The conference took place in the "Palácio da Bolsa" (a wonderful building near the Ponte Luís I). It began at 12:15 with a walking lunch and ended at around 6 PM. In the different exhibitions they told about FIWARE, the FIWARE accelerators, the SOUL-FI accelerator and also about the project Smart Santander and other use cases that are build over FIWARE.

Some of the speaker were Luís Muñoz (University of Cantabria), Sergio García Gómez (Telefónica) and Thomas Bohnert (Zurich Uniersit of Applied Sciences).

Here you can download the final event agenda.

We assisted to this event because we think that this new platform about the future of Internet is very promising, and we wanted to be introduced to it.

We (at work) are thinking about participating in one ore more of the accelerator programs with some spicy ideas.

Manuel Schmidt in Porto at the FIWARE Jump Conference 2014